Our Community

Turn into The Woods at Bradley Street as you drive through Duquesne Heights and you’re entering a secluded urban retreat surrounded by the tranquility of a wooded enclave.  As you make your way down the tree-lined street, you almost forget that your home is nestled in the heart of a convenient city neighborhood because your community is adjacent to a protected 25-acre nature preserve.

Proceed farther into the development and you come upon a quaint half-acre park that is home a preserved historic landmark – a Civil War fort redoubt neatly outlined and identified to its original layout from 1863.  It serves as a nod to the past but also a quiet respite that you can enjoy with family and friends.

Finally, as you pass the beautifully constructed and custom built homes that makeup The Wood at Bradley Street, you’ll find access to Emerald View Park.  Enjoy a walk on the trails, the sights and sounds of nature and the simple pleasures of this wooded gem located in the heart of the city.